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Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia: The Jewel of the South

Six Flags over Georgia

There are lots of fun things to do in Atlanta as either a couple or a family. Six Flags over Georgia. Their theme characters the cast of the Loony Tunes, such as Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Sylvester, Daffy Duck, and the Tasmanian Devil. The park has a variety of rides ranging from the mild such as Skull Island, Little Aviator to moderate level such as Gotham City Crime Wave, ad the ultimate thrill rides like Superman: Ultimate Flight.

Six Flags American Adventures

For the younger children, American Adventures is a great family park for children under the age of 12. Some of their rides range from the Tea Cup Twirl to the main Street Bumper Cars. They also have a food court, golf course, shopping plaza, and picnic areas. Six Flags White Water

White Water is a great water park with fun attractions for all ages. It has been featured on the Travel Channel's top ten list of best water parks. Some of their rides include the Run-A-Way River, The Banzai Pipeline, The 100-Meter Splash. When you're hungry, you can stop in at one of their many eateries or food courts. They also have game centers and a gift shop. Check out all three of these parks at

The World of Coca-Cola

Another thing to do in Atlanta is to go see the World of Coca Cola. It has reportedly the world's largest collection of Coke memorabilia, a Pop Culture Gallery including the works of Andy Warhol, and offers a tasting of up to 70 different types of their product. Visit their website at . CNN Center/Studio Tour Ever wanted to see the inner workings of a television studio? Well, now you can by going to the CNN Center on their studio tour. You get to watch the newsrooms live and get to be a part of your own broadcast. Photography is not allowed on the tour. Check out their website at

Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is home to many different live events such as ballet, musicals, and many live shows like Bill Cosby and comedian Ron White. Visit them online at

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